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Benefits of wasab.io

Platform Agnostic

wasab.io is a social wall that can be designed for any content management system that your site is currently built on. Once live, the wall can be viewed seamlessly across all device types or conference screens- bringing your web visitors and social followers together.

Visually Engaging

Customize your social wall to reflect your company’s branding to highlight the design techniques that make you unique from your competitors. With styling that flows with your website, users are able to gain more context about your expertise, creativity and personality.


Bridge the gap between your site and social for your users. Incorporate the content you and your followers create on social back into your website. Mixing these content together allows you to build your brand’s story by filtering in key pieces of your website, while integrating social channels.

We Support More Than Social Networks

Beyond integrating any social channel of your liking, wasab.io lets you customize your wall to pull key information from your website, hashtag campaigns, the weather and much more.

“Our visitors have an interactive way to connect with our social channels and other pieces of key content we want to highlight. iMedia was able to incorporate unique features specific to our business, while allowing us to vet the social content before it’s live for real time content control.”

AdvantageCare Physicians, New York City’s multi-specialty physician practice

Industry Agnostic

Any much more...

Optimize Brand Engagement

Aggregate your branded social channels’ content into one wall, giving prospective patients and their families a better view into what your healthcare system offers.

Manage Your Wall

Reach a wider, younger audience by harnessing viral content. Display this content across your site and in venue kiosks to maximize your visitor engagement both off and on-line.


User generated social content creates the influence to convert a browser to a customer.

Going Beyond the Surface of the Wall


Optimize Brand Engagement

Align the wall with your brand, by incorporating key design concepts such as fonts and color schemes.

Manage Your Wall

Control what gets displayed and how to filter your content with our easy to use backend system.

Houston Grand Opera


We track your results. Optimize your data and view measureable engagement conversions.

Let's Get Social

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